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Friday, July 10, 2020


Certified Food Service Professional from the Foodservice Equipment Association

CFSP (Certified Food Service Professional) is the industry specific professional qualification for the UK foodservice industry

FEA’s objective is to help improve the levels of professionalism in the foodservice equipment sector by creating a universally recognised and respected industry ‘standard’ for knowledge and experience.

Get CFSP Accredited 

CFSP is open to anyone with a recommended 3 or more years experience in the foodservice equipment industry.

The CFSP qualification consists of a one day seminar and examination the following day. The seminar is a full day starting at 8:30 and finishing at 18:00.  

The CFSP Examination is a 3 hour test comprising 145 questions based on approximately 33% multiple choice, 33% true or false and 33% fill-in the blanks questions. All of the questions are based on the content of the Introduction to Food Service study guide.  

Continuing Professional Development Accreditation 

The CFSP Programme is a CPD accredited training course by The CPD Certification Service. 

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